The Light of Freedom shines in Berlin

The Light of Freedom shines in Berlin


“Lights of Freedom” – this is the motto of the Berlin FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS 2019. No theme could be more fitting – for this year, for this city, for its inhabitants and its millions of visitors. In 2019 we will all celebrate the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The anniversary stands for a peaceful revolution, the overcoming of the Wall, the new unity of Germany and the end of the Cold War. It is a historical event that still moves many people today, awakens memories and generates strong emotions. Nowhere are these feelings closer to you than here – in Berlin.


Berlin is the capital of freedom

When in November 1989 the Wall, which for many years had divided the Germans into citizens of the East and the West, fell completely unexpected, Berlin was reborn. The city flourished and grew up into a worldwide symbol of peace and freedom. The Brandenburg Gate in the heart of Berlin was transformed from a joyless symbol of division into a self-confident landmark of freedom.

So it’s no wonder that four out of five Berliners mentally connect their city with freedom today. This precious value has also the highest priority internationally. As people from all over the world were asked what they spontaneously associate with Berlin, 64% named the peaceful revolution and the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. The ruling Mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller – who also serves as a patron of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS – put it briefly and succinctly to the point: “Berlin can do freedom!” (Berlin kann Freiheit!)

Fascination Freedom

The secret of our happiness is freedom. We need it like the air for breathing so that we can speak freely, move freely and unfold freely. But freedom is anything but self-evident. It needs courageous people, who stand by and fight for it. No one knows that as well as the Berliners.

With its motto, the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS takes up the idea of freedom and highlights it in an inspiring and creative way. “We dedicate this year’s event to the city that stands for free living. We want to celebrate the freedom of the present and at the same time remember the past in order to create a light of hope and a sign against the lack of freedom in many parts of the world”, explains Birgit Zander, founder and artistic director of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS.

For 15 years the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS has been one of the most outstanding highlights of the Berlin event program. In its anniversary year, the festival team will once again be cooperating with artists from all over the world to bring buildings, squares, and landmarks of the capital into a grandiose light. With combined forces they will let Berlin shine for ten days and put endless smiles on the audience’s faces. The inspiration for the artists is the motto “Lights of Freedom!”. They interpret and stage the motto versatile and colorful, but at the same time thoughtful and worried. Freedom is reflected on all facades of the city, telling fascinating stories and flooding the senses of millions on the streets.

Visit us and experience the biggest Open Air Gallery in the world from 11th to 20th October 2019 – in memory of 30 years of fall of the Berlin Wall. Berlin invites you! If you have no time or are otherwise unable to come, then ignite a creative light for freedom at home and send us a photo of it on Facebook or Instagram.


Picture 1: FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS  |  Picture 2: Klaus Lehnartz  |  Picture 3: David Mrosek