An impressive effect: messages from light and art

An impressive effect: messages from light and art

Emotional storytelling is not only possible with words. It also works in the artistic combination of images and light, transported on surfaces visible from afar. Because art is emotional, forming words and entire stories in people’s minds from images, image sequences and selected effects. And gets into the hearts. Art is haunting and memorable by nature. The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS makes it its business to deliver messages to many people together with partners in the form of light art projections. Live on site, online via social media and through widespread coverage, on the front pages of newspapers and, of course, when visitors from all over the world tell their experiences.

The Climate Pledge

The earth needs the commitment of companies. For a clean and livable future.

Two well-known Berlin landmarks – the Berlin TV Tower and the Brandenburg Gate – as well as the historic façade of the Hotel de Rome on Bebelplatz presented a blueprint for preserving our planet with video mappings by international artists, reaffirming that businesses and people must embrace the challenges of the century. Amazon and Global Optimism jointly launched The Climate Pledge in 2019, a community of companies, organizations, individuals and partners from around the world. Among them are German companies such as Henkel, Mercedes-Benz and Siemens or international companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Unilever or Visa.

The three shows – “Human”,” Nature,” and “Technology” – each outlined in their own way the paths to greater sustainability and a reduction in carbon emissions. All three productions were developed by the festival team in close coordination with The Climate Pledge.

The “Human” mapping at the Brandenburg Gate showed it quite clearly: The future is in our hands. Successful change on such a large scale and within a short period of time succeeds in a solidary and consensual effort by business and society. What was there to discover? Branches with green foliage that climbed up the pillars of the historic building, spinning wind turbines, digital streams that twitched like lightning across the gate. A sea of flowers, so vibrant in color that it made the Brandenburg Gate one of the most photographed locations, a blue earth surrounded by green ribbons, solar panels that shone like a mirror ….. The news program “ZDF heute” always had the Brandenburg Gate superimposed in the background in its daily “Report from Berlin” and so the message reached more than 6 million hearts watching this program every evening.

Watch the entire show here:

The “Nature” show on the façade of the Hotel der Rome used vivid graphics, stunning visual effects, moving images and incredible color worlds to show the beauty and defenselessness of different regions and habitats of our planet. It pointed out how each of these places will gain by improving their carbon footprint.

And of course, the concern of the climate initiative also appeared on the walls: The promise of now more than 100 companies to implement the Paris Climate Agreement ten years earlier and to be CO2 neutral by 2040. The show was embedded in the 360° staging of the Bebelplatz and was framed by imaginative still images with wondrous flowers, plants and animals in a stimulating play of colors. You can view the complete mapping here:

“Together we are strong, but even stronger with the technology we create.” That was the content of the three mappings on the theme of “Technology” on the Berlin TV Tower. After all, in science lies the most powerful agent for change and it reaches into all areas of the economy and our lives. And what better place for such a powerful theme than Germany’s tallest building?

The complete Future Vision Award can be seen here

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