Luminous employer branding

Luminous employer branding

Addressing the best applicants for your own company with creative and professional campaigns? Saying thank you to your own team for successes achieved and great commitment, especially in these times? This is possible with light art projections on buildings and other surfaces in a very public, widely visible and above all attention-grabbing way. At the 17th FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS, two Berlin companies used light to draw attention to their work and the people there. Sometimes humorous, sometimes sensational, but always authentic and in front of an enthusiastic audience.

DRV Bund

A huge glowing heart pulsates on the facade in Konstanzer Straße

With an expressive video mapping on the Berlin building, Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund thanked the more than 25,000 employees at the Berlin, Stralsund, Gera and Brandenburg a.d. Havel locations for their work. At the same time, it advertised for skilled workers and junior staff and used a paternoster that ran the entire height of the building to demonstrate the opportunities available to applicants. The 3D staging gave animated insights into Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund as an employer, projected the advancing digitalization, its values and also the places where a career is possible throughout Germany.

Why a heart? Because the employees are the heart of Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund. Collegial internally and committed in contact with the approximately 33 million insured and pensioners, they are always committed to the statutory task. They accompany employees from the start of their working lives to retirement age. And they do this without any self-interest, because Germany’s largest pension insurance provider is a service provider on behalf of the German state.

Pfizer Germany

„Breakthroughs that change patients’ lives”

Achieving groundbreaking successes to make a positive difference in patients’ lives. This is the central goal and connects all employees of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer. Reason enough to use the possibilities of light art to draw attention to the tireless efforts of the employees in the fight against diseases, not only in these times. The projection surface was two facades of the German company headquarters at Potsdamer Platz. The collage-like projection referred to the current research areas of cancer, infectious diseases, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, inflammatory diseases, chronic pain and rare diseases. However, the heads of the two cousins Karl Pfizer and Charles F. Erhart from Ludwigsburg were also on display. They founded the company’s success story 170 years ago.

Worldwide, 25,000 researchers work on medical progress at the pharmaceutical company Pfizer. 650 of them have their prominent workplace at the German company headquarters directly at Potsdamer Platz. They research and develop new therapies to protect people from diseases, to support them effectively in their lives with illnesses and, in the best case, to help them overcome diseases. And they work to ensure that the molecules in the laboratories become tablets, capsules, infusions and injections that reliably reach patients.

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