Emotional location marketing

Emotional location marketing

New in Berlin? Do you want to draw attention to an anniversary or a moving event? Or simply show Berliners, guests of the city and, of course, the whole world what an extraordinarily magnificent building or what a striking location you are in? In the 17th year of the festival, the team around founder Birgit Zander made this possible for well-known companies and Berlin embassies with suitable video mappings and image projections. As so often in the productions at the festival, the architecture of the building was actively included in the show, it dissolved, reassembled, transformed. A constantly changing work of art made of colors and light.

Sony Music


Being a part of Berlin makes the employees of Sony Music very proud. With its participation in the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS, the company celebrated its new center of activity. Because in the fall of 2020, the New York-based entertainment company moved its business for Germany, Switzerland and Austria, as well as continental Europe and Africa, which had previously been coordinated from Munich, to Berlin. And because there was no big party in the year of the move due to the pandemic, the company now set two big signs to mark the occasion. In Schöneberg, the new headquarters in Bülowstraße became an area of futuristic video animations, it showed itself completely regional and dedicated itself to the colorful diversity and the historical club scene of Schöneberg with a 3D video mapping. Sound waves visualized rainbow colors, “jagged” movements presented analogous to the waveform of high tones and soft waves as bass tones would cause. At the Konzerthaus am Gendarmenmarkt a much admired video mapping show traced the development of music and reminded with photos of the greatest artist:s of Sony Music. Self-moving piano keys initiated an intoxicating journey through time. It begins with the gramophone and continues through the record player to the long-loved music cassette inserted into a Sony Walkman. Curtains open and close, the whole facade shifts, sparkles and glitters. The mapping ended with a modern collage of the current Sony Music Family.

Microsoft Deutschland

For a digital Germany. And that should see everything.

Prominently located on the corner of Unter den Linden and Charlottenstraße is the headquarters of Microsoft Berlin. On two sides of its striking facade was the 3D video show “DIGITAL NATURE,” a memorable journey through the data streams of our digital age. It was about the economic and social potentials of artificial intelligence, to whose acceptance Microsoft wants to make an active contribution. And it was about sustainability, because Microsoft has already been operating CO2 neutral since 2012 and even wants to become CO2 negative by 2030. In other words, to bind more CO2 from the atmosphere than it causes with its activities. And of course, digital transformation played a leading role in the roughly three-minute show. A data cloud evolved from the collapsing facade, dissolving into binary structures, then symbolically transforming into zeros and ones. Hands joined, one belonging to a human and the other quite obviously a robotic hand. Another hand, hard to tell if human or machine, tenderly placed a young pair of leaves on the facade. The final motif showed hearts beating in 8bit pulse, the 3D effect made this image look particularly vivid.

Embassies in Berlin

Canada, Belgium, Italy and the USA present topics that closely link their own country with Germany.

“DIVERSITY makes us stronger, smarter, more creative ….” was written across a wall of faces of people from the most diverse backgrounds. The statement by U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on the facade of the American Embassy put a thick exclamation mark behind the power of diversity. The 700th anniversary of the death of poet Dante Alighieri was the occasion for a high-profile mapping on the neoclassical facade of the Embassy of Italy. The poet’s work should not be forgotten and so the projection showed an alternation between reality and fantasy, medieval and contemporary man, past and present. The Belgian Embassy celebrated the milestone #20YearsBelgiumInBerlin in Berlin in 2021, because on May 17, 2001, the embassy building was inaugurated at its historic address in Jägerstraße. The video mapping highlighted not only the inseparable history of the German capital and that of the embassy building, but also the future to be shaped together in terms of Europe, sustainability, e-mobility, renewable energy and digitalization. The Embassy of Canada is no stranger to the festival. Thematically, it processed Canada’s role as honorary guest country at the Frankfurt Book Fair in its video story. What was there to see for the visitors? Of course, an infinite universe of books, texts and letters, embedded in a digital flow that played with the architecture of the embassy building.

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