Follow the Lights to Kuwait!

Follow the Lights to Kuwait!



Kuwait shines! For two weeks, the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS team from Berlin staged the beautiful and impressive Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre  (short: ASCCKW) in Kuwait City with a colourful projection show that enchanted visitors and passers-by.

The elaborate 3D projections astounded the audience: dinosaurs, robots, oriental scripts and traditional Arabic patterns were displayed on the futuristic facades of the cultural centre Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem. But that was only the beginning!


A history of one celled organisms and spaceships

The three-dimensional projection of the Berlin team staged the theme worlds, which are located inside the museums, on the façade of the cultural centre. For example, an armada of sailing boats and space ships, antique balloons and modern cars set off on a journey, telling interesting picture stories of technological progress. Shortly afterwards, the emergence and development of ecosystems were visualized in a fascinating way with molecules and protozoa, sparkling dewdrops and throbbing hearts. Those who wanted to know more could explore all the topics in greater depth in the museums.


Magnificent Canvas: The Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre

The cultural centre in Kuwait is one of the largest cultural buildings in the world. With 22 galleries, an art centre, a theatre and museums with numerous interactive exhibitions on natural history, science and technology, space exploration, Arab-Islamic culture and history, it is a lively place of knowledge that encourages people to think and participate creatively.

The ambitious construction project was built by 96 companies from 13 countries and ceremoniously opened in March 2018. On the occasion of its first anniversary, the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS took place in Kuwait from 21 February to 02 March 2019.


From Berlin into the World: FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS international

The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS is based in Berlin, but regularly tours all over the world. It connects people across all borders and language barriers – through the creative power of light. With individual projections and installations, places and cities around the world are brilliantly staged and people are inspired to marvel and dream. The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS has family and friends all over the world and has already enlightened New York, Napa, Seattle, Beijing, Jerusalem, Zagreb, Zwickau, Luxembourg and Bucharest.

All Pictures by MP-STUDIO