Zagreb lights up the Spring

Zagreb lights up the Spring



Zbogom zima (Bye Winter)! In Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, a particularly colourful light spectacle welcomed spring. In March 2019 the city awakened to new life, inspired by countless lights.


The City awakes from Hibernation

Spring broke its course and city life shook off its thick winter coat. Blue light flooded the streets of the Croatian capital and symbolized the mighty power of water. Flower buds made of Chinese lanterns and colorful dabs of light bloomed along the promenades, next to them a magical forest with wondrous plants and animals born from the light.

The inhabitants of Zagreb showed themselves to be exuberant and enjoyed the colourful light shows. Above all a dreamy playground with constantly changing colours and floating petals drew a smile out of even the most disgruntled passers-by.


Zagreb invites You

The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Zagreb has been taking place in the Croatian capital for three years. From 20-24 March 2019, it transformed the city into a spring world with spectacular projections, blossoming fantasy and colourful light art celebrating the reawakening of nature. The warming evenings invited you to stroll and discover the beautiful historic city in the light. It was one of the first big events of the year and heralded the tourist season with a spectacular starting signal.


Fantasy wins

In 2018, the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Zagreb was awarded the Conventa Best Event Award as the best public event, an award that is given every year to an outstanding event from Europe.


Below you can see a video of Azur Videography for the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Zagreb 2019:

All Pictures by MP-STUDIO