The Berlin Cathedral wears Joop

The Berlin Cathedral wears Joop



The world hasn’t seen anything like this before! For the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS 2010 the Berlin Cathedral tried on new clothes. They seemed soft and sleek, woven out of light and radiant colours in cutting-edge designs. The fashion world was enraptured, since the new look suited the neo-baroque beauty so stunningly well.

The Berlin landmark was dressed by the Potsdam star designer Wolfgang Joop, who has been at home in the international fashion scene for many years. He is one of the most successful German designers of all time and proves with his label “Joop!” that there is perfect haute couture made in Germany. With urban city chic, he has styled fashionably inconspicuous Germany in a trendy way and given the country a new shine on the international catwalks.


The most extraordinary “fashion show” in the world

In 2003 Wolfgang Joop founded the fashion label Wunderkind, with which the otherwise rather minimalist designer presented his playful and extravagant side. “Wunderkind is a great, very international name that was born in Berlin – and we believe in this city,” enthused Peter Kappler, CEO of the brand, in an interview with the fashion magazine Vogue. This attachment to Berlin was also reflected in the creative cooperation with the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS 2011.

The light staging on the Berlin Cathedral created a sensational contrast between contemporary fashion culture and the neo-baroque architecture of the cathedral. Leopard patterns, blue checks in blossom rain, stars and hearts – a total of twelve fabric prints from the Wunderkind spring collection clung to the façade of the cathedral.

The designs were carefully selected by the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS team and tailored to the lush “figure” of the cathedral. Several “fittings” were necessary until the fashion matched the building properly. Then everything was perfect for the most extraordinary fashion show in the world.


Wunderkind performs a miracle

The light installation by Wunderkind came out big, media from all over the world reported, TV stations broadcasted live, hundreds of thousands of visitors pilgrimaged to the cathedral and the social media ran hot. The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS was a fashionable world sensation.

“In Berlin it is the contrasts and the unfinished that fascinate me so much,” Joop described his inspiration for this project and continued: “All the more beautiful to be able to irradiate one of the most prominent and historic buildings with the Wunderkind fabric prints for the nights of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS right in the centre of this city.”


All Pictures by Christian Kruppa