Mickey Mouse visits Berlin

Mickey Mouse visits Berlin


Exciting scavenger hunt for 90th birthday

For his 90th birthday, the legendary Mickey Mouse visited the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS 2018 and put the festival visitors into fan fever. Only shortly before the start of the festival was the surprise guest Mickey announced, who appeared again and again during the festival as a projection motif somewhere in the middle of the productions and excited everyone who discovered him.


Mickey Mouse Superstar

With Disney’s cartoon “Steamboat Willie”, one of the world’s first animated films to be set to sound, Mickey, the cheeky and courageous comic mouse with the big heart, achieved his big breakthrough on November 18, 1928. The idea of the little creature from Mouseton, originally named Mortimer, came to Walter Disney on a train ride to Hollywood. Thanks to Disney’s childhood friend Ub Iwerk, the cult mouse was brought to life by drawing and has since been an inspiration to young and old alike. Mickey was the first cartoon character to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and is still one of the most popular non-listed presidential candidates in the United States today.

The Bode-Museum and Mickey Mouse in the James-Simon-Park



Where is he? Who finds Mickey first? The whole thing was a big game. The festival visitors were supposed to track down the famous Disney star within the light stagings on famous Berlin landmarks and squares. Those who discovered Mickey could share a photo under the hashtag #Mickey90 on social media and win one of 90 Mickey cuddly toys from SIMBA. The response was overwhelming.


Find Mickey!

While the visitors were looking for Mickey Mouse, Mickey himself enjoyed the view from the television tower, indulged in spectacular 3D video mappings on the Kollhoff Tower at Potsdamer Platz and the Hotel de Rome at Bebelplatz or hid in a huge tree crown on Museum Island as a still projection.

Some visitors were gripped by the detective’s ambition. They were not content with finding Mickey once or twice, but did not rest until they had discovered and photographed all four Mickey Mouse motifs. What would Nemo say?

Mickey Mouse at Kollhoff Tower, James-Simon-Park, the TV Tower and the Hotel de Rome




All pictures by Frank Herrmann