Light Art on the “House of Nature”

Light Art on the “House of Nature”


A Miracle of Nature in the Historical Heart of Berlin

The “House of Nature” on the historic façade of the New Marstall on the Spree is a wild place. Rainbow-coloured polar lights and icebergs, penguins, wild bears and herds of elephants bring you the wonders of flora and fauna closer.

The “House of Nature” has been an integral part of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS for years. The special light art project draws attention to topics such as protection of climate and endangered species, environmental pollution or sustainability and encourages viewers to reflect and rethink.

The “Neuer Marstall” and Nikolai Quarter

One of the most impressive buildings on the Museum island is the “Neuer Marstall” between the palace square and the municipal library. The neobaroque-style building was built in 1901 and served as a space for the 300 horses, carriages and slides of the imperial family. Every year, the “House of Nature” is projected onto the external façade adjacent to the Spree, whereby the audience can glance at the wondrous world of nature from the Nikolai quarter over the Spree. The Nikolai quarter is Berlin´s eldest neighbourhood with narrow alleys and idyllic cottages, near Alexanderplatz. From here you have the best view to the wonders of nature staged across the river.


It’s High Time!

The sensational nature photographs make the “House of Nature” a public attraction. Visitors fly over mountains with a bald eagle, roam the jungle with an orangutan and dive into the depths of the oceans with turtles.  The journey through the diverse nature of our planet increases their awareness of the beauty, but also the fragility of the world and communicates an important message: The devastation of nature has been caused by mankind and a “Keep it up!” would be life-threatening. It´s high time that we act and stop the devastation by hook or by crook.


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