Fascination Light

Fascination Light


Light and Light Festivals

Let there be light. Light penetrates the dark, brings joy, warmth, clarity and safety in our world, lightens rooms as well as our hearts. Since prehistory light is a sign of life for all people.

Therefore it´s no wonder, that light festivals all over the world are so popular. Do you feel the same? As artistic light installations lighten the night sky, your eyes are magically attracted and you can no longer withdraw yourself from the light´s spell.


Why we love light – The origin of the light festivals

In many religions and cultures, light is celebrated as a supernatural apparition. It stands for the Divine and life itself. If darkness rules on the other hand, people feel scared and threatened. Especially in the winter months, light is a precious commodity: It provides warmth and enables life to continue after dark.


How we celebrate light – customs and festivities relating to light

All over the world there are festivals and festivities involving the fascination of light. Well-known light festivals are the jewish Hannukah, the Hindu Diwali, the  Islamic Mevlid Kandili and the Buddhist Paravana.

In the European culture area especially the winter is marked by light festivals. It starts in November with Saint Martin, followed by the advent and Christmas time, then New Year´s Eve and Candlemas.


What motivates our Festival – The meaning of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS

Before the dark winter comes, the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS provides a real bright spot in October and attracts year by year millions of Berliners and Berlin-visitors to the streets of the city. No matter how well one knows the streets and how often one has walked by a building on the way to work, during the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS everything appears in completely new light. The landmarks, buildings and squares of Berlin seem changed as if they have been exchanged: a bed of roses on the Berlin Cathedral, a rainbow on the Brandenburg Gate, a rocket launch on the Berlin TV Tower and dreamy stories in 360 degree-view on all buildings of the Bebelplatz. Light enchants Berlin and every year more and more people from all over the world decide to combine their trip to one of the most beautiful cities worldwide with a visit to the world´s largest open-air art gallery.

FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS in Brooklyn, New York


Why an idea goes international – Light-art festivals around the world

The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS in Berlin celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2019. The multiply rewarded festival is one of the most famous and popular light-art festivals. Through flamboyant illuminations, light-art projections and innovative 3D-Videomappings on well-known historical monuments and sights of the city, the event has evolved to a strong international brand.

By now the idea goes around the world. The FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS also produces this event format internationally and has already enriched festivals in Luxembourg, Zagreb, New York, Jerusalem, Bucharest, Plovdiv and Kuwait with extraordinary art projects. The anniversary edition of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Berlin promises to become something very special and is curiously awaited.

It’s best to add the appointment to your calendar now: 11th – 20th October 2019.

Besides the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Berlin there is a variety of worldwide light festivals that are worth the visit. You can find our partner festivals here.

The calendar with the big international light-art festivals can be found here.


Picture 1: Olaf Neidhardt  |  Picture 3: Frank Herrmann