When buildings become castles in the air

Anything is possible when 3D projections are in play – the limits of reality dissolve and the audience can’t believe their eyes as wonders appear before them. A world-famous Berlin landmark that collapses like a house of cards only to rise from the ruins the next moment. Huge flying dragons, spitting fire through a house façade, or a spaceship flying through the Berlin television tower into the infinite vastness of space.

The innovative technology of “3D-Projection Mapping” transforms any large building, from modern skyscrapers to historical landmarks, into oversized screens for a spectacular light art that creates unprecedented worlds of images. The projections lie like a second skin over the facades and create a new reality.

At the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS, the stars of the international video mapping scene enchant the crowds with exciting picture stories on the city’s most beautiful and famous monuments. You can read more about how this magic works below and see for yourself.


How Projection Mapping works

Projection Mapping (also called “3D-Video Mapping”) projects images and videos onto one or more sides of a three-dimensional object. This can be a building, bridges, monuments, vehicles, the walls of a cave or the rock formations of a mountain. All can serve as a screen. It is even possible to transform entire streets into a 3D-fantasy world. Since technology is developing rapidly, almost all large objects are now suitable as canvases for 3D-mapping.

Impressions: The Festival of Lights as guest in Plovdiv


Pixel-Power and Boundless Imagination

The whole process begins when the light artist goes to work. In the first step, they use laser technology to measure the object that will become the screen (e.g. a building facade, the surface of a sports car, the interior of a church, or whatever else has been selected), and then they use special software to construct a digital model. The projection is then placed on the model pixel by pixel with pinpoint precision. The software incorporates structural features within the projection surface such as windows, doors, ornaments, projections or pillars into the overall picture, so that later the viewers on the street see a sharp, three-dimensional image.

For the projections, static photos and computer graphics are just as suitable as animations and videos. Through the synchronized use of several projectors, a huge façade can be completely immersed in light or large squares can be projected 360° over all buildings with 3D projection mapping.

For the light artist, Projection Mapping is a new and varied form of expression for realizing their creative visions. Meanwhile, 3D video technology is enjoying increasing popularity worldwide and is now also used as a media enhancement tool for theatre and dance performances, concerts, fashion shows and pop festivals. Innovative technology has also become an integral part of product presentations and trade fairs.


Record Altitude at the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS

An outstanding highlight of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS is the 3D projection mapping on the Berlin television tower. As if by magic, a zipper over a hundred metres long opens up on Germany’s tallest building and flashes of light illuminate the night sky, while a huge space rocket slowly takes off.

Since 2016 the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS has been presenting 3D-Projection Mapping on the Berlin TV Tower in huge dimensions. You want to see it with your own eyes? Here comes the award winning video of the first FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Award 2016 in Ukraine:

Two years later, video mapping artists from all over the world are transforming the Berlin TV Tower into a giant cinema with skyrocketing stories. Here you can watch the show by the winner of 2018: MP-Studio


Powerful Partner: MP-STUDIO

3D-Projection Mapping needs perfect realization to acvhieve its fullest potential. Nothing should be left to chance. This is why the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS has been working with experienced professionals for years. MP-STUDIO is a pioneer in the field of 3D projection mapping. The agency was founded in 2008 and has since put a variety of international event projects in the perfect light – from cultural events to product presentations in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Kuwait, Dubai, Qatar, to name just a few examples.

The combination of international experience, a highly qualified team and the latest technology makes the team a “high performer” when it comes to trend-setting video installations. MP STUDIO has won several prestigious awards and has its own video studios in Sofia, Berlin and Dubai.

Take a look at the newest Showreel by MP-Studio.


Picture 1: Frank Herrmann |  Picture 2: Nelofee  |  Picture 3: Frank Herrmann  |  Picture 4: MP-STUDIO  |  Picture 5: MP-STUDIO  |  Picture 6: MP-STUDIO