Museums in the limelight

Museums in the limelight

What better place to show light art than one that is already filled with art?

It’s dark and people are romping the streets, eager for the light spectacle that awaits them.

The James Simons Gallery was first illuminated in 2019. Finally, the treasures inside the museum were allowed to shine in all their glory on the outer facade. Viewers embark on a journey through art history, on the high seas and even into the prehistoric age of the dinosaurs. The glow of the Video projection was not only reflected on the water, but also in the eyes of the audience.

With such a powerful roar that it shatters the façade, Tristan opened the light show at the Natural History Museum in 2019. He playfully invited to an adventure through history. Parts of the science hidden behind the wall merged with the structure and created a visual play of light.

Again the Bodemuseum had been transformed into a canvas within the Festival of Lights. The side façade became the “House of Art” in 2018, where new interpretations of world- famous artworks were exhibited, which, although blurred in the reflection of the water, can still be found just as clearly inside
thanks to the careful preservation of the Museum.

The front of the Bodemuseum was staged under the motto “Inside Out” and thus allowed a glimpse into the magnificent interior with many lovely details.

In the neighbourhood the Old National Gallery, which was also illuminated completed the colourful panorama picture.

Photos: Festival of Lights


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